Overview of winches

We produce standard wormgear and planetary-driven winches for lifting, pulling, man-riding, mooring and anchoring. They range from 100kg to 100 tons and are electrically, hydraulically or pneumatic driven.


MCW series - electric wormgear winches

MCW series

MC AK series - electric wormgear winches

MC AK series

M series - manual operated winches

M series

EN series - electric wormgear lifting winches

EN series

H series - hydraulic wormgear winches

H series

LV series - pneumatic wormgear winches

LV series

MR series - personnel lifting winches

MR series

SC series - planetary compact build winches

SC series

SB series - planetary standard build winches

SB series

FD series - planetary crane winches

FD series

SH series - standard hydraulic planetary crane winches

SH series

A series - general purpose winches

A series

SR series - standard build slew ring winches

SR series

TR series - traction winches

TR series

OAW/OMR series - offshore air winches

OA series

OHW/OHR series - offshore hydraulic winches

OH series

MR FL series - manriding winches

MRFL series

A / F series - general purpose pneumatic winches

A / F series

SRM series - mooring winches

SRM series

AW/PW series - accomodation and pilot ladder winches

AW/PW series

W/P/WP series - windlasses

W/P series